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We are a company of highly-skilled professionals with a multi-year consulting and leadership background holding a superb track record of managing complex programs and projects in various environments. In particular, recognised industry expert within the media, payment and process industry, high expertise in change situations and optimisation of processes. Able to manage stakeholder expectations and willing to take full responsibility for the delivering of project objectives. Result focused and empathetic leadership personalities. Motivated individuals, who enjoy challenging the status quo in various roles and are confident leading multi-national teams.

Daniel Bicking

Claudia Johannes

Jörn Kröpelin

Volker Kunath

Alexander Schiller

Jens-Peter Schulz

Dr. Klaus Zimmermann

solutions. cases completed.


Strategy development and business plan design for payment branch within German Banking group

post merger

Post Merger Integration for an international IT and payment player (incl. development of standard PMI approach)


Reorganisation and re-positioning of sales unit for a German payment institution


Implementation of a comprehensive yield increase program at a leading European payment institution


Restructuring of national broker network as well as outsourcing all backoffice functions to an external service provider


merger of multiple local newspaper companies

process efficiency

Re-organisation of order to delivery processes for an international chemical company


Process analysis and implementation of standard processes during the deployment of a software tool

clients. trust earned.

“There’s something about them… they don’t act like typical consultants; they focus on delivering. They are always target oriented and committed. I think that they have a very good corporate culture and get results.”

CEO, Scandinavian Bank

“I have worked with large American consulting firms for over 10 years and was very satisfied with their services. stratim consulting matches these companies regarding professionalism and quality but exceeds in finding answers faster. stratim’s recommendations are easier to understand and quicker to implement.”

CEO, International Acquirer

“stratim is extremely professional and truly eager to achieve results for their clients. They have dedicated people who are engaged and enthusiastic. They are result-oriented and pragmatically analytical.”

Managing Director, Private Equity

“stratim understands our organization. They are efficient, open minded and not arrogant.”

CEO, European media house.

“They excel at conducting large, comparative, international analyses – taking large quantities of data and making sense out of it. stratim consulting uses innovative methods. They are great at digging out good information about ourselves and our competitors in a clean and discrete way.”

Chairman, European company in the process industry

“​I was impressed how fast stratim delivered results. We appreciated not only their analytical but also their experienced project management skills.”

Director, National Insurance Company